George's Letter: Welcome to Issue 2

October 20, 2017 Emily Davidson

The intent of this guide is not to help you select a vendor product. More importantly, it’s intended to help you navigate through the latest security threats to minimize exposure and risk to your brand.

With approximately 20 years in IT in both hardware and software, I have never witnessed a bigger disruption than today. More organizations than ever are looking to transform their businesses to embrace the opportunity of social, mobile, analytics and cloud tools. However, IT providers offer a plethora of digital tools and services, making it challenging for our clients to balance the pros and cons of a new -digital- business reality.

Also, how do you take advantage of this new digital transformation to help differentiate your business in the market?

Intel has called this the 3rd industrial revolution, or the New IT platform - the convergence of Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud. How do you move workloads to the cloud, how do you get to more customers, how do you get the influencers that use different methods to formulate ideas?

What are the implications of moving to the cloud, or taking advantage of hybrid IT? How do you deal with the proliferation of mobile devices - 50 billion to be connected by 2020?

Ultimately, how do you strengthen the brand of your organization? You do it securely.

How do you take the new world currency (data) and get the insights from it to innovate? Just as importantly, how do you make sure that your data is secure in the hands of your partners and providers?

The goal of our security team is to help you understand that there is no silver bullet solution to help you completely prevent your organization from being compromised.

There is no endpoint, gateway or firewall sophisticated enough to do this alone. There is no individual service that can do this for you either.

Remember, cyber criminals only have to be successful once to wreak havoc - while you need to ensure business continuity all the time!

At Softchoice we strive to be part of your team and to help you uncover and understand the risks that exist, specifically those that prevent you from reaching your ultimate business goals. We do this by working closely with your team to develop a roadmap and process to successfully secure your environment.

That is why we have aligned ourselves with the leading security players in the world to make that happen.

Yours truly,

George Myrtos
Category Lead,
Business Development Softchoice Enterprise Software & Security

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